Saturday, 16 April 2011

What's Up?

My computer is back, and sort of working, but not quite.  Can't get the wireless up, or the USB & card reader, so I can't download photos, or access the internet.  I'm borrowing Himself's (henceforward to be referred to as SMD = Soccer Mad Dad) work laptop briefly to write this - but can't download photos to it either.  So I'll fill you in later on the excitement of day 15.

Except for one thing.

L6 can tie his own shoelaces!!!!!!!!!

Was just about to leave to take J4 to kindy when L6 came out of the house, one red Converse style sneaker on, one in his hand, and said "Mum, look what I did", putting his foot forward and pointing.

And there, right in front of me was a beautifully tied bow!  I was absolutely thrilled! We have been working on it maybe once or twice a week for a while (when I remember and have time), with me tieing one lace while he tries with the other (and I then retie tighter).  I was about to make a lace tieing practice card - now I don't have to.

Haven't had to touch his shoes since.  Soooooooo proud.

Off to Tassie in the morning.  Staying with my brother.  Haven't been down since just pregnant with L6.  Might be able to blog from there - he's a computer guru.

Have a great Easter otherwise.

PS - just found a great site about shoelaces, with tips for teaching kids & explaining why they often come undone.

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