Friday, 8 April 2011

Sew Little

Day 11 Wednesday 6th April

I did so little gardening today - none in fact.  Unless you count buying some large pots and herb & vege potting mix ready for the herb garden on the front deck.
Oh, and some trellis wire for the vege beds.

But I did do some
After childcare drop off, garden shopping, and literacy groups at L6's school I made it to the Chermside Library for the fortnightly Sisters of Stitch (SOS) group.
Honestly, some of the work being done among the groups members is absolutely exquisite!

But I was just working on something simple.

The day after refashioning the felted vest last week a note came home from L6's school asking for volunteers & donations for the Mother's Day stall next term.  I thought about what I could do and had a brain wave to make some more of the Suffolk Puff flowers as brooches.  They should be popular with the kids.  I even already have brooch backs.

The reason it is possible is that the Clover Yo-yo maker really does speed up the process, compared with the usual template method.  Yo-yo is another name for Suffolk Puffs.
My output thus far, with the small & large Yo-yo makers & a jar of buttons.
I plan to make a few more, including some from the grey stripe felt that I used for the vest, and then play with combinations & buttons until I find ones I like.  I'll post a photo of some of the finished product.

Here is something else I saw at SOS.  A lady opposite was knitting with this beautiful soft grey wool, and after a while this is what the ball looked like.

Doesn't it make a fantastic pattern?  My friend Mel has really made me start to look at ordinary things more closely.  Have a look at some of her fabrics here.

More soon

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