Friday, 1 April 2011

Eco Friendly Day

Day 9 Friday 1st April

Didn't get caught by any Fools today.  How about you?  Any funny stories to tell?

I have made such good progress with the garden that I was able to have a quiet day today.

Took Mr Skivvy & the 'truck' to the local 'tip shop' - more properly referred to as Dakabin Treasure Market.  Here I found a huge roll or two of 13mm irrigation pipe, unused.  Should be able to just about do the whole garden (not just the veges) with this.  Cost $10.  I estimate I have saved about $50, possibly more, and saved something from landfill.  I also bought a piece of galvanised mesh - to attach to the back fence for the beans etc.  I still need more, but this will do one bed, and it only cost $6.  I noticed they have heaps of stainless steel kitchen sinks with drainers, some double, some single, cost usually about $25.  Down the track I might buy one to mount into a potting bench.

I highly recommend visiting your local tip shop, you never know what you might find there, and you are helping the environment.  Last time I saw two orange woollen '60s vintage dresses, some leather coats, a couple of great bags and a pair of ceramic table lamps that I was very tempted by.  Resisted that time though.  They didn't fit into the 'need' category.

I then took Mum & Dad out to our local cafe that opened just before Christmas.  Wonderful coffee & cakes, great decor, lovely bags & shoes for sale, and most importantly really friendly.  It is called the Bowerbird Cafe.  And yes, I have paid them back for the manure & compost they bought for me.

I didn't do any work in the garden itself today - but the chap who is supplying & installing our 4 tanks came over with his off-sider today, to measure up for the crusher dust bases for the front two.  They are going to install the bases tomorrow, to let them settle for a couple of weeks until the tanks arrive.

Question?  How am I going to stop the chickens destroying them?

Instead of gardening I did a bit of sewing.  I started to refashion the felted cardigan/vest that I mentioned in an earlier post - the beautiful soft grey one whose arms I used to make Recycled Rabbit.
I'll post pictures when I have finished.

Spending the day with my Quilt Group tomorrow - visiting a member who has recently moved to Tambourine!  Looking forward to a nice day out.

Bye for now,

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