Friday, 8 April 2011

Chicken Mitigation

gDay 12 Friday 8th April


Another wet day today - but colder.  A great excuse to wear my new gumboots.
Gumboots for 'toile'ing in the garden!
Aren't they cool?  Don't you just love the toile fabric look?  I had been thinking of getting a pair and was in Target getting new sneakers for J4, who has worn the toes out on his others, when I spotted these. Down from $30 to $21!  Really comfy too.  There were other patterns, but as a sewer I just had to have this one!  I can't remember the last time I owned a pair.

Mr Skivvy came over & we finished off a job Himself started quite a while ago - adding a plank to the top of the retaining walls to stop the chickens flicking the mulch down onto the lawn.
Himself had done quite a few, and prepared the stakes to screw to the back of all the rest (these stakes are hammered into the ground to hold the plank in place).  We just had to measure & cut (my first time using a circular saw - scary but fun, and fast!), screw the stakes on & then hammer them in place in the garden.

Himself was very pleased when he saw the job finished.  He no longer has it hanging over his head, and we shouldn't have to pick up after the chickens as much.

Another tick off the list!


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