Saturday, 16 April 2011


gAlmost a whole week without posting - and the reason?  I'm knackered!  Plus Mr Skivvy has taken my computer to get it fixed (god how I love not having to deal with that stuff) - so I haven't had access since Monday anyway.  I'm at M&D's place now using one of their computers.

The reason I'm so worn out?  Ambulance ride at midnight Monday.  Actually, just after midnight Tuesday.
Kept L6 home Monday, thinking he probably could have managed school, then he wakes up at 11.30pm that night with shocking croup & strider.  2 Ambulances (because the first was closer, but not equipped to transport kids). Oxygen, Adrenalin & later corticosteroids.  We are sooooooo fortunate to have such a good ambulance service, and the paramedics are wonderful, really professional & nice to boot.

It wasn't as bad as it sounds really, L6 was a champ & very calm, did everything he was asked to.  He slept in short stay, but I couldn't, too many babies crying in distress.  Feels like the croup season came early.  Still trying to catch up on the sleep.  L6 OK, back at school by Wednesday.

I have continued with making the Suffolk Puffs, great for in front of 'Scorpion Island' at night.  And have managed to fit some gardening in as well - though not as intensively as usual.

Days 13 & 14 Monday 11th & Wednesday 13th March

This is for you Felicity!
Drip Irrigation - laying the groundwork for a lazy gardener. - 1st Installment.

I chose 13mm polypipe - remember? From the tip shop? This acts as the main line from the tap.  To seal off the end fold it over & clamp.  Couldn't find any clamps the right size, so I used wire tie in the interim.

Irrigation pipe folded & clamped to seal.
 I laid the main line out from the end back towards where the tap is going to be.  And pegged it down between each vege bed.

The pegged down pipe
The main line against the fence & the three drip lines cut ready to attach.
 Then I cut lengths of 6mm drip line.  This is more flexible poly pipe with holes already pierced & reinforced at intervals.  The instructions say to space them at 300mm (30cm) intervals, so I cut three lengths for each bed.

From my reading this drip method seems to be the most water efficient, most cost effective & lowest maintenance. Better than using all those miniature sprinklers.

Hole punch & tap.
 Attaching the drip lines to the main line involves piercing a hole in the 13mm pipe and fitting a tapping piece.
I bought a tool that will pierce 3 different size holes, 4mm, 6mm & 10mm.  If the hole is too big the system will leak or fall apart.
Piercing the holes at the correct intervals.

Of course the ends of the drip line also have to be plugged.  I tried some 12mm clamps for this, but they were too loose - so have found an alternative solution.  But I haven't implemented it yet.  I'll show you later.
Tapping piece attached.

Drip line pushed over tapping piece.
I attached all the drip lines, but just left them laid out on top of the beds - until I can finish them off.
12mm clamp

Once the drip line ends are plugged I can mulch over the top.  The vege rows will be placed between them.

I laid another set for the hay bale bed.  The two main lines will be joined with a T-piece & then to the tap.  But I have to wait for the tap for that!
12mm clamp over folded 6mm drip line - too loose!

Vege Bed with drip lines.

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  1. Oh an Ambulance ride?! I hope he's all good now. Although I always wished I could go in an Ambulance when I was little (for the sirens, not the sickness).