Sunday, 22 May 2011

New Life

Due to J6's soccer carnival being rained out today, and SMD deciding to take the boys to see 'Hoodwinked' at the movies, I got some unexpected time to garden today.

I needed to do a bit of weeding as some of the lucerne hay has sprouted over the last few weeks.  But luckily this has happened just around the edges of the beds as some of the veges are already starting to sprout too!

One of the peas.

Garlic - Oriental Purple

Hard to see - but quite a few Beetroot - Bull's Blood are showing.
I'm sorry about the photos - trying out a new editing program - and haven't quite got it sussed yet (only downloaded it tonight).
The seeds planted in the egg cartons & propagator have sprouted too.

It's all happening now!

I also planted in Bed 4, the last for the time being, Pak Choy, Sweetcorn Golden Bantam and Squash Spaghetti.
 I am very excited!  But trouble is brewing - there were plenty of signs (you know what I mean) that possums have already visited the garden to check it out - so I got straight online (after measuring the enclosure) to order netting to protect our potential crops.

Hope you had a nice weekend.

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