Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Get Back to Work!!

I become a 'working woman' again tomorrow, at least by society's common definition.  I don't think I've stopped working the whole time I've been on LSL.  Do you?
After all - work doesn't necessarily mean 'not fun or interesting'.  That is drudgery, (tedious, hard, or uninteresting work - Macquarie Concise Dictionary).
The word 'work' has 56 listings in the Macquarie Concise Dictionary, but quoting just the first three: "1 exertion directed to produce or accomplish something; labour; toil. 2. that on which exertion or labour is expended; something to be made or done; a task or undertaking. 3 productive or operative activity."
I'd say what I've been up to would satisfy those definitions.

Anyway - despite not being a child free day, Mr & Mrs Skivvy helped me achieve one last job.  We constructed the net frame over the enclosed vege gardens.

The construction is basically the same as for the straw bale bed - but 16mm holes were drilled into the posts and the aluminium tube hammered into them.
The tube is a tight fit in the holes and the poly pipe, which is actually high pressure rated with (we think) an 1/8th inch wall thickness, is a tight fit over the tube.  So the whole structure is quite sturdy.
It may still need to be reinforced side-to-side when the net goes on, depends on the net.  Given the expanse it could be quite heavy.

Now it is time to sort those seeds and start planting!  This weekend perhaps?

By the way - I'm quite looking forward to getting back to work, though I can always find more jobs to do in the garden, and there is all that sewing I never got around to!

Back soon(ish)

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