Monday, 24 March 2014

J & J report #10

Hello Friends,
from the point of view of the challenge this week hasn't been anything special. No Spend Days 1/7, YTD 22/83. Again I haven't spent money on anything untoward, so all is going well.

I am feeling a bit frustrated about how little non-Uni stuff I am getting done at the moment, even though it is completely understandable when I apply my logical brain and common sense. And focussing on the little things that are coming to fruition (literally) helps. So, although the garden is a mass of weeds and I barely spend any time in it at present, I can celebrate harvesting some apples from our young trees, the fact that there are a number of lemons ready to pick, and that we ate a beautiful dragon fruit (the red, almost purple, centred kind) for dessert this evening - fully ripened on the plant in our own back yard and only picked last night.
I can also celebrate being placed at a very reputable State High School for my teaching placement in May/June. One that is accessible by public transport too. Just what I wanted. I'm very excited.

Further on the topic of focussing on the positives of where you are on your journey, and recognising the positive changes made, rather than continually beating yourself up for not being perfect - I would like to direct you to one of my favourite blogs again "House of Humble" and their post of yesterday "Simple Living Our Own Way". They say it far better than I can (especially when I should either be sleeping or studying right now).

Best wishes for the coming week.

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  1. Ohhh, dragonfruit is pretty!

    As for not getting non-Uni stuff done, don't worry too much, so long as everyone is fed, wearing clean clothes to work/school, and the bills are getting paid, you are doing ok. You just have to think long-term, in the long-term, the Uni stuff will pay off; the housework/weeding isn't going anywhere.

    Congrats on the placement by the way - major score there!