Sunday, 9 February 2014

J to J report #5

No Spend Days this week 1/7. YTD 8/41.
Pretty consistent.

I ordered the books. In the end I had to agree with Riley (see comment, previous post) that books are important, especially to encourage the love of them in children.  Separately from book club I also ordered a boxed set of Malory Towers (Enid Blyton) for my niece's birthday, and a book of poetry for the school library. As I explained to Riley in my reply, I do this each time my children have a birthday, it is of far more lasting value than sending 'party bags' or similar to school, and cheaper too. Not that everyone does this (send party bags), but it was common at our childcare centre which was when I started with the book 'thing', and I felt it was a tradition worth continuing, and yet another way to show my kids how much we value books and reading. I would encourage others to do the same - the school librarian will have some ideas about what would be welcome. Imagine if everyone in the school did this - what wonderfully stocked libraries we would have!

So I guess I am amending my 'Nice' list to include the odd book.

I have also been to the movies a few times - this is getting my socialising in before Uni starts back, because I will do almost nothing except study once I start. That is on the 'Nice' list. I have seen 'Saving Mr Banks' about the author of 'Mary Poppins' PL Travers, and 'Philomena' about a lady whose child is taken from her in 1950's Ireland, both moving stories closely based on true events. I also plan to see '12 years a slave' this week. There are so many quality films based on true stories out at present, two others that would be worthwhile I think are 'Mandela' and 'Tracks'.

Coffee is still my downfall, so I have also purchased a decent thermos to take coffee from home to Uni. 6 coffees not purchased from the cafe will cover the cost so it seems justified. What do you think?

How did your week go? Did you achieve your own personal goal for the week?

All the best


  1. I'm glad you added books to your 'Nice' list. Books are good, imagine a life without books. It's kind of terrifying!

    Ummmmm........... as regards this week, it's been pretty quiet. I'm pre-reading for Uni, which starts in exactly 2 weeks. I'm halfway through my 2nd textbook, should finish the remaining 350 pages by then....

    1. Half way through your second textbook! And planning to read another 350 pages in two weeks! I haven't touched mine - I just read them as they come up in lectures. Well done for getting so far ahead, should make things easier through the semester.

    2. Hopefully it will be easier. I did the read as-they-come-up thing my first year, found that if something is going to come up to interfere with school, it will, and in a big way that will leave me scrambling. Since then, I've used semester breaks and summer holidays to pre-read where I can, so when life gets in the way during semester, I don't struggle quite so much.