Sunday, 2 February 2014

J to J report #4

Books - my weakness.
2/7 No Spend days this week (7/34 YTD). Better, but I would really like to get my average to 3 no spend days out of 7.
There has been some serious spending though -  all necessary as I am trying to get major tasks out of the way before Uni starts. Feel a bit guilty about the movies & lunch, though that too will disappear almost completely when Uni begins, no time for much once that starts.

I think it is important to realise that there are times where you will spend more, and others when it will be easier not to.  Holidays are a big one, not only because you have time to enjoy all those activities that you have been looking forward to all during term time (or the working year), but also because it is when you have the time to get other tasks done, like painting the house, organising the dental check-ups, getting the threadbare sofa reupholstered. Beating yourself up about it is pointless.

But equally, it is important to stop the unnecessary spending at other times, and this is really the more important part of my challenge - only spending on what is necessary. So far I have been doing quite well, the challenge is really helping to keep me in check. Part of that is committing to blogging about it, I'm trying to do it once a week, as it makes me feel accountable.  If you have set yourself a similar challenge and want a similar prompt to keep you on track, but don't want to blog yourself, how about committing to commenting on this blog & updating us with your progress each week? Would love to hear from you!

I am currently struggling with one particular item on the Naughty List - Books!  I banned myself from purchasing anything but books required for school or Uni, but the boys were allowed one book each from school book club last year, and they are asking for them again this year. And sometimes there are amazing bargains on fantastic books (e.g. <$40 for 10 'My Story' books, stories for children accurately portraying various historical periods) which are hard to resist, as are age appropriate classics such as "The Secret Seven" and "The Famous Five" by Enid Blyton.  I feel torn - between the desire to save money and my love of books and desire to expose my children to the world that books make accessible.

What is your spending weakness?


  1. Keep book club going. It is a necessary purchase, as it is for the (present and future) benefit of your children.

    Textbooks are a killer - I have been lucky, I have only had to buy 1 new, and got another 2nd hand, both of which I onsold. The rest, I am fortunate enough to be able to get from libraries.

    My weakness - I don't really have one, except chocolate. In times of high stress (like right now) I windowshop shoes, bags, wallets. I don't purchase, I dream-shop. It helps distract me.

    1. Thanks Riley, I took your advice and have ordered the books. Plus extra. I always have good books set aside as gifts ready for when the kids are invited to birthday parties, and I give a book to the school library on (or around) each of the boys' birthdays - instead of party bags or similar for the class. I started when they were in childcare. So many of the parents brought in party bags for each child, I felt a book gave much more lasting, and healthier, pleasure, and even cost less. I always choose high quality books, the sort that get listed for the Children's Book Awards each year. The idea sort of came from Nanna - who send pyjamas to all the grandchildren at Easter, instead of chocolate.