Monday, 22 July 2013

So long - and big changes.

I can't believe it is over a year since I posted on this blog!
I completed my Permaculture Design Course at Northey Street City Farm - fabulous! But progress on implementing the plan in my garden has been slow. Firstly because it is just sooooo hot and humid here in the summer, and then because I began another course.
This one is a really big deal - I'm changing careers!
Saw the writing on the wall for my role of 16 years in the form that I love. When the Royal Children's Hospital (Brisbane) closes and moves to the Qld Children's Hospital it will no longer be possible to provide the same type and level of services that we have done in the past (as they haven't allowed for it in the plan - but we won't go into that), and I recognised that the job would change into something that I would not find particularly rewarding or stimulating.  So I have begun studying for a career I have long considered - Secondary Teaching! I am specialising in Physics.
This of course was a lot of work on top of paid employment & parenthood - so no coming back to the blog!
Soon after beginning the Grad Dip, Voluntary Redundancies were offered and, given the climate, prospects for the future, and my already determined plan, this was too good to refuse. It means I can complete my studies faster too! (As an aside, my workmates gave me a voucher to spend at Edible Landscapes - a volunteer run, organic nursery at Northey Street, as a going away present. Aren't they wonderful & clever?)
Not 'working' hasn't seemed to mean that I am making great progress on the garden though. Silly me took on Presidency of the P&C the day I found out I'd been made redundant. Thought I would have time after all (and no-one else put up their hand).
However - maybe, just maybe, I might be able to post a little more often. And over at my other blog RavsCreations - where I will write about some of the Refashions (like the one at right) that I have been doing lately in preparation for a demonstration at our upcoming Quilt and Textiles Show (August 31st, Milton State School for those of you in Brisbane).
I hope you'll hang in their with me.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! You ARE busy! I wish you well in your new adventure! Being a teacher is something many of my friends studied in college and they are enjoying their jobs now. I still plan to follow along with your journey even if you can't post very often. :)

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