Saturday, 30 June 2012


My favourite sort of bread is sourdough - it just seems to have so much more flavour, texture & body and today I made my first loaves!

I've been meaning to try making a sourdough starter for a while, but you know how it is, I just didn't find one of those round to-its.

Fortunately J5 and I went to stay with some dear friends in Stanthorpe last weekend and, prior to leaving, I was given the generous gift of some of their sourdough starter, which originated in a bakery in Tasmania!

So, on Friday morning before leaving for work I fed it with 100g of wholemeal flour and 100ml of lukewarm water.  Then I fed it again when I got home.  An hour later I removed 200g and put it in a clean glass jar and into the fridge to keep for next time.  This morning this is what the remainder looked like:

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.....
1kg wholemeal flour, 600ml lukewarm water and plenty of therapeutic kneading later......

Ready for the first proof.
After a few hours, and a 6yo McDonald's party (which thankfully J5 sent me away from), we had fun punching the dough down and shaping it ready for the second proof - after which it looked like this:

In to bake, closely following instructions, including putting a tray of boiling water in the oven for the first few minutes to form a nice crust.  I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and ABC Classic FM while reading my latest Michael Pollen book "The botany of desire" and keeping an eye on the oven temperature (you have to gradually decrease it from 240degC to 180degC over 45 minutes).  The loaves were removed from the oven just as SMD & L8 walked up the stairs after watching our Senior team defeat Mitchelton 5-3, Go ACE!

Of course we all had to try a piece warm from the oven.  Not bad for a first attempt I think.

PS Talking of Michael Pollan, if you live in Sydney he is going to be giving a talk at the Opera House on the 10th July 2012.


  1. Came out well - looks very yummy:)))

  2. Hey Rach', looks great. Where did you get your wholemeal flour from? I find much of the supermarket stuff is white flour with bits added in. Nick used to be a phenomenal bread baker. Naturally enough we piled on the weight. So I begged him to stop baking.


  3. Yum! That looks delicious Rach! :)