Thursday, 29 September 2011


Well, a few days after being burgled I had to go out & buy two cameras to replace the ones the 'gentleman' kindly took from us.

We would have waited longer if we weren't leaving for our (approximately) annual Cycling Holiday - CQ11!
I mean - you can't go on a family holiday without a camera! Can you?

This year's ride was from Goondiwindi to Brisbane (Jindalee to be exact), via Yelarbon, Texas, Stanthorpe (two nights & rest day here), Killarney (Qld not Ireland), Woodenbong (great name heh?), Boonah and Rosewood.
The first two days were flat, but a bit cold & windy.  Can't complain though, it was sunny, the winds were behind us, and the scenery was beautiful.

Day Three now.....Texas to Stanthorpe, 100km of continuous hills!  Total rise in altitude about 650m, but the actual amount of climbing was a lot more than that - because of the downhills of course.
Such a tough day that for the first time ever BQ put on an 'express Sag Wagon' from the lunch stop.  J4 & I didn't even make it that far.  We got about 5km past the morning tea stop, 40km in all, and gave up.
Me towing J4 on his trailgator.
SMD & L7 on the other hand - made the whole distance!  Every time we go on a CQ ride (this was our third) I am reminded that I married Superman!
By the way, L6 left us a little while ago and his place was taken by L7 (in other words someone had a birthday).
SMD & J7 - celebrate completing the 100!

We all needed the rest day after that.  And Stanthorpe is a lovely place to spend some time.
 James Blundell headlined the Rest Day Party.  Great music from someone who seemed a genuinely nice person.  I am led to believe he performed for free (the party was free for all CQ riders & volunteers to attend).
James Blundell performing.

The next 3 days - Stanthorpe to Killarney to Woodenbong to Boonah were absolutely marvellous.  Some of the most beautiful riding I have ever done.  Clear blue skies, light breezes, cool to warm temperatures & the most beautiful scenery.

View from the bridge

Lunch break

Now how did that get here?


The section from Woodenbong (great name, gorgeous town) to Rathdowney for lunch was absolutely spectacular.
We followed the old Mt Lindsay Highway - and had views of Mt Lindsay from all directions.  The road was shaded as we were traveling through rainforest and this, plus the fact that the air was filled with the sound of Bellbirds, made even the uphills wonderful!  If you want a small sample you can listen to an MP3 here.  And then we came to the downhill - and words fail me.  It was so long, and curvy, and trafficless.  You just can't get the feeling of the wind in your hair & freedom of just letting gravity take you from any other form of transport!  No photos here of course - wouldn't want to interrupt the rush.

Anyway - we're back now after the most relaxing holiday you can imagine.
Yes - I do mean relaxing!  Your body might be getting a work out, but the brain is free - no decisions, about food, activities, where to go..... And you sleep like a log.  I highly recommend it - for anyone.
Physically exhausted - mentally relaxed.

What's the longest distance you have ever ridden in a day?  Mine is 97km on CQ09, the Darling Downs Loop.

What's your favourite ride?

Would love to hear from you.

All the best & bye for now

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