Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Sorry folks - can't give you any photos for this update, we were burgled on the weekend.

Not too much taken - think he had to be quick to catch the bus (which only runs once per hour).  But it did include the cameras.

The main thing I wanted to photograph was the inside of the bee hive!  We put the super on on Sunday.  That is super as in superstructure, ie it goes on top.  There is a small hole through which the bees can enter and a perspex top.  You put the original lid back on to keep out the light and seal the hive.  When it is full we will remove the honey comb, and put it back for them to fill all over again!

We have also had peas, some baby carrots (from thinning) and bok choy from the garden.

Will have a new camera soon - so hope to show you photos then.

On another environmental note: if the invasion of Coal Seam Gas extraction into our country, and the rest of the world, scares you as much as it does me, then please visit this site.  You may want to think about joining Get Up - and make a difference to issues that matter to you. Remember - being a member doesn't mean you have to agree with, or support, every issue that Get Up campaigns on, just the ones that matter to you.  It is not a political party.
Would love to hear what you think though.
Enough for now.


  1. That's horrible news Ravs! Sorry to hear it, but excited about the bees :)

  2. Sorry to hear you were burgled Ravs.