Saturday, 18 June 2011

Productivity Plus

It was a bitterly cold day (for Brisbane) when standing in the wind at soccer - but once I was out of the wind and in the sun back at home, it was just perfect for gardening.
Which was a good thing because I really needed to get some planting done.
The strawberry hanging garden & strawberries arrived in the post a couple of days ago.  They recommend planting straight away, but I had to get some potting mix first.  So, as per the instructions, the strawberries were watered and put in the fridge.  Today I planted them & hung the garden up.  This is what it looks like.
It contains ten Cambridge Rival strawberry plants and one Temptation in the top, which has been slightly neglected so may not survive.

I also got busy and planted all the rest of the fruit trees - six plants.

I was only able to get all this done because SMD decided to take J4 & L6 for a walk up Mt Coot-tha.  They asked if I wanted to go, but were happy for me to stay & continue gardening if I wanted.  I don't think I say often enough how wonderful he can be.

Anyway - back to the fruit trees - on four of them (the three I planted last week and one today) I have put Eco Bags, which automatically drip water the plant, and act as a mulch, and insulate the soil, maintaining a more even temperature.  Here is a picture of the newly planted Dwarf Cox's Orange Pippin Apple tree with one in place.

Over time we should have quite an orchard!
Orange, Mandarin, Lemon, Lime, Fig, 2 Apples, Guava, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Blackberry, Native Peanut Tree, Burdekin Plum (I think), Dragonfruit & Passionfruit.
I still want to add a couple of red pawpaw.  And I have two Midyim berry (a local native) to plant.  There are a couple of other bush food plants but they are unlikely to supply significant amounts of food stuff - they are more for interest really.

I also planted some more potatoes, Royal Purple and Pontiac.  When I lifted the hessian bags which were acting to keep weeds down I discovered lots of termites in the strawbale bed.  Not a worry, or really a surprise.  The termite man said we would have termites in our forest mulch within a year - but not to worry about it as it is well away from the houses.  Elsa had a lovely feed on them, and the huge juicy worms I dug up while planting the trees!

But I have lost some veges.  When I went to water them this evening I realised that the Bush Turkey which had visited today had been digging in a couple of the beds.  I knew it would happen.  Just wish I had put the net up last week.  Mr Skivvy is coming over with the A-frame ladder first thing in the morning to help - I don't want to lose anymore.

I finished working at sunset, 5.15pm, and by the time SMD & the kids got home I was showered and had tidied the house.  Sounds like they had a good time - they found that an Oxfam fundraiser was going on when they arrived - so they had dinner there before coming home.  The boys were fast asleep when they got back.

A fantastically productive day!

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