Tuesday, 14 June 2011

News from the Farm

Just thought I'd give you a quick update - no pictures though - sorry!

The chickens, Blacky & Elsa, and Fasty the guinea fowl, are looking really healthy now.  I really think the Organic Yoghurt has done the trick.  I'm continuing this, but 2nd daily now, to maintain their weight gain.  I'll probably reduce to twice a week sometime next month - just for maintenance.

I've planted some of the fruit trees - the Lemon, Orange & Mandarin along the side fence in the front yard, and the raspberry & blackberry in pots behind the safety fence - which will become their trellis.  I think I'll probably put the Tahitian Lime in a pot as well.

I need to move my greenhouse to somewhere with a little more sun - the seedlings are struggling.  I thought they would have been ready for transplanting by now.

Had a nice long weekend.  Spent Saturday at the Textile Art Festival at the Convention Centre.  Sunday we had a lazy day inside (it was cold and grey) and I actually read 2 books.  And a third on Monday night!  The kids were brilliant!
Monday was GOMA and then over to a friend's house for the kids to get together - and me to borrow her dress form for photos of the vintage clothing I hope to put up on Etsy soon.  This made me feel as if I achieved something over the weekend!  Assuaging the guilt of just being.

I'll let you know when I get myself organised re the Etsy stuff.


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  1. I'm so happy the chickadees are happy and healthy! Poor gals.

    And a big thank you for the lovely travel pattern idea! have been wanting to tackle pants for a while now, and the pants from that pattern look awesome! Fingers crossed I'm organised enough over the next 2 weeks to produce some things...