Monday, 6 January 2014

J to J Report #1

Hmmm. This is going to take some practise.
Just back from 4 days away with the boys. Staying with friends, so no accommodation costs, but…….

  • Petrol - OK unavoidable.
  • Coffee enroute - unavoidable if I wanted to stay awake at the wheel.
  • Food enroute - could have packed a picnic (the boys would have kicked up a fuss, especially as I was getting coffee).
  • Dinner out - polite & pleasant way of thanking our hosts for their hospitality, otherwise I would have gone shopping so I could cook dinner for them anyway, so this one is justified.
  • Ice-cream at a local berry farm The Bramble Patch (with fresh berries blended through on the spot) - our hosts suggestion, showing us around their region.  But did I really need to buy the three jars of chutney, two pots of fruit paste and one jar of jam as well? I know they had zero food miles and were supporting a local cottage industry but maybe just two items would have sufficed?
  • Fruit at a renowned local fruit shop on the way home - good, we needed the supplies, the region specialises in apples, stone fruit and wine, the fruit was great value for money, very low food miles and supporting local businesses.
  • Apple pie and ice-cream at Sutton's - probably not necessary, even if highly recommended by our friends. And then there is the box of different apple juices (I mean a box of 9 bottles)…OK they are pure fruit, no added sugar, no preservatives and delicious, but still. I won't be buying ordinary supermarket juice for a while though so maybe….OK. And we will be going back - it really is THAT good.
  • Swim at Warwick pool followed by an icy-pole each for the boys - it's been in the high 30's for 4 days, and it is their school holidays.
  • Earplugs - replacement swimming ones because otherwise I can potentially be partially deaf with that swishing noise in my ears for a number of days.
  • Pies and coffee enroute home - necessary for everyone's blood sugar levels, and driver's concentration.
No Spend vs Spend Rating: Miserable - spent on 100% of days

Non-shopping Rating: Medium to good - I think that I am going to have to class the chutney's etc as a slight cheat, I didn't need more than two jars of chutney (already on the shopping list at home because we have run out). Food indulgences are obviously something I am going to have to watch.

Still - we did have a lovely time - and that is important too. The motivation for the trip was to take L9 & J6 on their first overnight hike, with our friends whose eldest (10yo) has been on one before, but for whose youngest (6yo) it was also a first. Very proud of all four kids.

Four intrepid adventurers

Meanwhile…..hubby (who I have not insisted be part of this challenge) has been shopping while I was away. I think it fits on the nice list though - as he did a big clear out of his wardrobe, and only bought four quality replacement items, with planned future activities in mind. I get all his worn out t-shirts to repurpose too.

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