Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Green (eyed monster?)

I did promise to put up some photos of my friends' vege garden in Stanthorpe.  They live on a mostly bush block with a cleared area around the house, a creek at the bottom of the property & a HUGE granite outcrop on one side.  Plenty of space for veges, chooks & kids.

Wide view of the vege garden.  Fenced for the usual offenders (wallabies, rabbits, pet dog, etc)

The chickens going through the 'tunnel' from their house to the run.

A rotated view of an orchid in the bush area down the back of the block.

Various Irises in the "Fairy Garden" - their bathtub is located in this area - Yes, it really is outdoors.  The kids loved it!

No Fairy Garden would be complete without Foxgloves!

Onions & friends - plus two other beds.

Lettuces and friends.

The mushrooms growing in the purchase spent mushroom compost.  They made a great addition to dinner! Broad beans can be seen behind.

Yet another glorious vegetable bed.  I'm told the carrots never get terribly big - the kids eat them before they get the chance.

Another view of the onions.

A cage made from recycled materials - protecting the delicate seedlings.

It is so long since I wrote that I have much more to fill you in on.  But I'll just have to do it a bit at a time.  Need to take some more photos.
And Christmas is coming - another reason I haven't updated you recently, I've been spending my time shopping online for the last few things, and creating the annual family calendar.
Take care & bye for now, but before I go....
.....a couple more of the chickens.

Chickens in their run.

The man and his harem. Lookers aren't they? 

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