Sunday, 14 August 2011

Spring is Sprunging

Signs of the coming of spring are in the air!

Kangaroo Paw Spike
One of the Kangaroo Paws is coming into flower.  The spike is about my height (the photo was taken 1/2 way up the front steps).
Apple Blossom
I have my first apple blossom! No expectation of any fruit though - the other tree needed for cross-pollination hasn't even developed any leaves yet.
Carrots, Beetroot, Calendula & Garlic
The veges are still growing. The garden isn't overflowing as I would really like.  I put that down to a number of things: Lack of experience; lack of sufficient sunlight in their position; lack of sufficient water (we've barely had any rain & I am hand watering a couple of times a week); and the earlier depredation by the Brush Turkey.
The pea plants actually have pods on them though!

If you want to see a beautiful & prolific vege garden - go and visit Northey St City Farm.  It looks magnificent at the moment!  I am helping to take J4's kindy class on an excursion there on Friday.  They have started a bit of a garden at the centre.  I am looking forward to seeing their faces as they explore & discover all it has to offer!

The birds have also picked up considerably (magic stuff yoghurt!). Compare Blacky now:

Blacky after the moult (and probably with a gut infection).   

To then (May):

You'd think it was a different bird.

I've also managed to do a tiny bit of refashioning.
I bought a denim Regatta jacket from our lovely local cafe, Bowerbird, great versatile colour and a really good weight for Spring (and Autumn) in Brisbane.
But it was a bit boring.
So I jazzed it up just a little.

Suffolk Puffs (or yoyos) added to front placket, pocket, & collar

It was a bit large & shapeless - so it got a 'tuck' to bring in the waist.
Closer detail of the collar & placket.

And of the fake 'belt' to dress up the tucks.

I wore it today to lunch at 'Sails' restaurant.  Early celebration of Mrs Skivvy's birthday.
Sat outside - and the kids were able to go play on the beach when they got bored - leaving the grown-ups in peace! Wonderful!

Bye for now, Ravs

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  1. Your chickens are beautiful! And I love the yoyos! They're very pretty!

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