Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hot, hot, hot!

Day 5 Wednesday 23rd March

National Ride to School Day. Normally on Wednesdays (being a workday) I leave early with  J4 & Himself walks or drives with L6 to before school care.  But with me on LSL & us being keen cyclists we just had to participate in Ride to School Day.
We had already ridden in the Family Fun Ride on the last day of Bike Week, Sunday.  And both boys had ridden the full 10km under their own steam. - Not bad for a 4yo especially, and one who only started riding a pedal bike less than 2 months ago - never needing training wheels because of using a balance bike for the past 2 years.
Anyway - by the time I had ridden to & from school, via a longer than usual route to join with other riders, taken J4 & his bike to childcare, talked about bikes & riding to his class & returned home - it was already 10am & stinking hot.

10am!  That mean's I had a total of 2 hours before I had to be at L6's class to help with Literacy Groups (I'm doing an extra session while on leave).  But that was OK - because it was too hot to garden anyway, way too hot!  In the mid-30's and humid.
Mr Skivvy (Dad) was right on time, and I jumped into the truck and it was off to that major Australian Hardware chain store.  The mission today?  8 bags of manure (I wanted cow, but they were out of that, so I compromised on a mix of cow, sheep & chook poo) and 5 of mushroom compost.
These bags are currently stored in our garage - too hot and heavy to cart them up to the shed.  Only problem?  Our garage is downstairs, and the ceiling isn't lined.  Yep, you got it, a small amount of the fragrance is permeating through the floorboards.  Thankfully it is not overwhelming, and they'll be moved tomorrow (Day 6).
I now have everything I need to construct the no-dig beds.  Fingers crossed for a milder day - I really want to break the back of it (and not my own!).

I had always planned to attend Sisters of Stitch, as I rarely get the opportunity, but it was especially pleasurable this time- the library is lovely & cool, and finally being able to sit down for a coffee from the Coffee Hub (yes, Chermside Library has its own cafe), was almost blissful!

I don't know how many people were there - 50 perhaps?  Almost I'd say.  Very lively & some beautiful work being done.  It is impressive how many of the ladies in their post-retirement years are keen to learn a new skill.  One lady was trying tatting, another was doing some beautiful hardanger, her first attempt.
Me?  I just continued with a simple cross-stitch intended for my 5yo god-daughter.  I meant to finish it for Christmas, and then for her birthday a couple of weeks ago - but obviously I didn't make it.  Still it's getting closer.  I'm almost up to the back-stitch outlines.

So Day 5 was a busy one - but not with my projects!
Talk to you soon!

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